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WordPress to Blogger

This will be my last post to WordPress for at least the near future. Instead, I’ll be relocating my blog to Google’s BlogSpot or Blogger.

I’ve been considering switching from WordPress to Blogger for a while. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with WordPress, I just feel like Blogger might be better for me. It’s a Google product, an ecosystem that I’m already heavily invested in. Plus, people who rave about WordPress mostly talk about the paid WordPress.org site and not the free WordPress.com site that I currently use.

Obviously, I’ve done my research. While both sites are similar, there are certain pros and cons to each for my use case. The biggest factor in favor of Blogger for me is the monetization of content. If my readers are going to be seeing ads either way, I may as well get something out of it. The best thing about WordPress is how you can share posts directly to other social media platforms from within WordPress itself. Both platforms allow you to schedule posts for future dates, which was a must-have feature for me.

As for the social media sharing, there are third party options that will handle content sharing for you. Many of them are paid, but a few are free, and I’m definitely not putting any money toward my blogging, as I have mentioned before. In researching the differences between WordPress and Blogger, I did find one source discussing these different sharing options. In particular, OnlyWire seemed to be a viable option for my needs. Free users can link accounts from the top 4 social media platforms, conveniently the only 4 that I already share my blog on from WordPress. Plus, if I understand the feature correctly, you can “subscribe” to an RSS feed and OnlyWire will automatically share new posts from that feed to the social media accounts that you have linked. In short, it sounded like I could do exactly what was keeping me on WordPress with just 1 other free account.

With an option to address the social media sharing issue, I decided to take the plunge. I made a BlogSpot blog with exactly the same URL formatting as my WordPress blog. If nothing else, I want to keep things consistent. If everything works as it should, I can just schedule posts to Blogger like I already do for WordPress, and OnlyWire should handle syndication of the content. I press a button, and the post goes out to all my social media accounts at 8am on Wednesday morning.

I’ll at least give Blogger a few weeks or months to try it out. I’m not getting rid of my blogs on WordPress or Blogger, no matter which one I choose to continue actively posting to. If Blogger works better for my needs, I’ll keep posting there and just link back to content on WordPress. After a little while on Blogger, if I miss WordPress, I’ll just come back. Either way, I don’t plan on migrating my old posts again. I brought them over from Google+ to WordPress, but I don’t see the point in doing that again.

Either way, next week’s post will be on my Blogger site. Hopefully, if I’ve set everything up properly, everything will fall neatly into place without any extra work on my part. There might be some tinkering required on OnlyWire, but I want to be able to schedule posts ahead of time and have them automatically appear on all my social media outlets at the proper time.


Words: 591 | Characters: 3532 | Sentences: 33

Paragraphs: 7 | Reading Level: College Student


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