Words On Wednesday

2017-04-12 Easter Sunday

As someone who is a practicing Christian, Easter is obviously a pretty big deal to me.

I won’t go over the details of Easter from a Christian perspective, since it’s pretty much common knowledge in my area of the world. Christ died for our sins, was placed in a tomb, and arose on the 3rd day. The story is far from boring, but it is something that hardly needs repeating again when everyone has heard it. Effective sermons on Easter tend to highlight facets that people seem to take for granted. Rather that focusing on the exegesis, a pastor might discuss implications of Christ’s resurrection and what that means in application during the daily life of a Christian. What I mean to say is that I’m not going to waste your time retelling the Easter story, when the Bible has the original text, and a pastor could discuss it more thoroughly than I.

Instead, I’d like to discuss more of my personal experience with Easter. Family traditions, memories, things that don’t necessarily represent Easter, as much as they are things I am reminded of around Easter.

One of the best things about Easter is getting to spend time with family. When you’re spread across 4 generations, it can be difficult to bring everybody under the roof at the same time. Somehow, we’ve always seemed to manage that on Easter. Much like Christmas, but without the presents, everybody goes to Grandma’s house on Easter for a big meal. We hang around for a few hours, playing music, search for Easter eggs, and generally enjoying each other’s company. Times like this are rare, and something I realize as my grandparents get older, there will only be so many of them. It’s better to cherish them and make memories while we can.

Something that I’ve realized in recent years is how Easter is one of those days that allows you to observe the archetype of your current life stage. The things that I did when I was a child are now things that the youngest generation is doing. While I used to think that adults were boring for sitting around while we searched for eggs, I now relish in the time to let the kids play amongst themselves and just relax for a little while. I’ll hide eggs in the most impossible spots, just to give myself a few more minutes to enjoy the afternoon before I have to get up and hide them again. Eventually, when my kids have kids, I’m sure that Easter will be a day when I experience being a grandparent in the most genuine and pure sense.

As Easter approaches, I wish you all the best. If you’re a Christian, I ask that you contemplate everything that Christ’s death and resurrection mean, and apply it more thoroughly in your life. If you practice another religion, I would request that you brush up on Easter to be a more well-read individual, and in return that you might teach me something about your own religion or give me a topic to research. If you are agnostic, I welcome any questions that you may have about my religion. If you are an atheist, I appreciate your respect of my religion and my life choices. Happy Easter, everyone.


Words: 546 | Characters: 3029 | Sentences: 27

Paragraphs: 6 | Reading Level: 11-12th Grade


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