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2017-03-15 The Ides of March

Today is the Ides of March. While not really a significant date in and of itself, there is enough going on around it that I decided to make note of it.

First and foremost, the Ides of March is known as the date of the death of Julius Caesar. Historically, that is an extremely important occurrence. It marks the turn of an era by many people, and has been represented numerous times, across numerous media, over the span of several hundred years. It may not be a holiday, but it is a date of great significance in that regard.

Beyond the death of Caesar, there are several days around the Ides of March that deserve a mention. Pi Day, a favorite date of mine because of my affinity for mathematics, falls on March 14. Specifically, back in 2015, Pi Day could be celebrated to the 5th digit and beyond, since the date was 3/14/15, and observers could watch the clock down to the hour, minute, second, or beyond. 14 March 2015, at 9:26:53 was the most specific that a Pi day could be celebrated for a century, until 14 March 2115 comes around.

On a more personal note, my Cake Day on Reddit is 12 March 2014. I was a lurker for quite a while before then, so I suppose it isn’t that much of a big deal, but that does mark the point where I started posting and interacting on that addiction of a web site. It may be unfulfilling, but it passes the time.

Typically, the Ides of March is a day that comes and goes without any bit of fanfare for me. Usually, I don’t even notice it. However, that week or so in the middle of March does have some stuff going on in it, and it is worth mentioning if I’m spending a year observing dates.


Words: 312 | Characters: 1669 | Sentences: 16

Paragraphs: 5 | Reading Level: 9-10th Grade


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