Words On Wednesday

2017-02-15 Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, more formally “Saint Valentine’s Day,” or alternatively “Singles Awareness Day,” is a holiday that I really just never could get behind.

Maybe it’s because I had a sort of late start to dating. Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge fan of chocolate or candy. In any case, it just came and went for me. I did the whole class card exchange stuff back in primary school, and then I started taking girls out for Valentine’s Day when I started dating. For most of my life, though, it’s just been another day.

For adults, it usually involves elaborate dates and what not. In my mind, it seems pointless. You shouldn’t need a holiday to go out and have a good time with your significant other. Besides, restaurants and popular date spots are packed out on Valentine’s Day. In recent memory, I’ve always “celebrated” on some other day in February to avoid crowds as much as possible.

Lately, we haven’t gotten to do anything for Valentine’s Day anyway. Having kids and nobody to reliably watch them means we don’t get to go out to nice restaurants and such. If we get a date night at all, it’s a miracle. Having it coincide with Valentine’s Day is a coincidence that I really don’t care about.

If you’ve got somebody, be sure to enjoy time with them on more than just Valentine’s Day. If you don’t, don’t sweat it. There are perks to being single, like doing things on your own time frame and not having any obligations to people. Enjoy that while you can. If Valentine’s Day is your dig, live it up. Don’t let that be the only day you give your girl any attention, though. She deserves it throughout the rest of the year as well.


Words: 298 | Characters: 1631 | Sentences: 22

Paragraphs: 5 | Reading Level: 9-10th Grade


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