Words On Wednesday

2017-02-01 Groundhog’s Day

Groundhog’s Day is a weird holiday. You’ve got the practice of Punxsutawney Phil emerging from his hole and predicting whether spring will come early, or there will be a few more weeks of winter weather. This prediction has been wrong more often than it’s been right, as per wikipedia. The mystery and ceremony around this prediction and the “Inner Circle” almost has a sort of cult feel. Honestly, the whole thing is mildly disturbing.

In any case, I always like to see what the groundhog says each year, and I hope for more winter weather. I love snow, and as mild as winters are in the southeast, it’s nice to get in as much cold weather as possible. Summer is right around the corner, and I can’t stand 90+ degree weather with super high humidity.

Plus, my mother’s birthday is on Groundhog’s Day, so that’s always been an easy way to remember it. Maybe it’s because of that connection that I find Groundhog’s Day so memorable, while other people seem to have very little knowledge of it.

If you don’t know much about Groundhog’s Day, be sure to read up on it. Definitely weird, but interesting how much pomp and circumstance there is around a rodent leaving his home. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a few more weeks of winter weather, especially if there’s any chance of snowboarding again this season, but we’ll see what Phil says tomorrow.


Words: 241 | Characters: 1422 | Sentences: 13

Paragraphs: 4 | Reading Level: 11-12th Grade


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