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2016-12-14 Favorite Images in Chat

I want a mobile keyboard option that allows me to send saved images from a collection, rather than emoji.

It appears that mobile communication is moving more and more toward little faces and icons in the form of emoji, and away from traditional text and ASCII images. I’m not personally so keen on it, but alas, I’m not the one who writes the rules of the internet. People like using emoji, so they’re likely here to stay for at least a little while.

What I do like to send, however, are meme images and funny pictures with captions. Some of these fit the conversation so perfectly that I’ll look them up, download a copy of it, and then send it to the designated recipient. For quite a few images, I’ve probably downloaded 3 or 4 local copies, simply because I either forget that I have the file, or I can’t be bothered to search through all my pictures to find it.

I would love to see chat clients and/or keyboard apps (whichever would be in charge of the functionality) add an option to save images to a designated area of sorts. Sure, most clients have a “picture” button that searches through your phone’s most recently saved photos, but these are almost always sorted by timestamp. If I saved ytho.jpg a few months ago, I don’t want to scroll through 50,000 pictures of my kids to find it. Give me an area where I can pool images that I want to send regularly. Sure, I can go through my gallery app and sort through my meme folder, but I don’t want to leave the chat client to grab those images.

Mostly, I send these images in either Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger. However, I realize that everybody has their own set of chat clients that they use. Therefore, I feel like this functionality would work better in a keyboard app. Sure, there are a variety of keyboard apps available, but I strongly doubt there are as many as the number of chat apps across iOS and Android.

For now, I suppose my meme folder will have to suffice. Even if it means I have to exit the current app to find the image, the right meme is worth the sacrifice.


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