Words On Wednesday

2016-08-31 Two Years Blogging

As of Saturday, August 27, I have been blogging for 2 years.

It’s funny how the date sneaks up on me. I’ll check TimeHop one day and see where I published the first post on Google+ now 2 years ago. I find it kinda crazy how something I started on an absolute whim has lasted so long. Sure, I had those few weeks where I did nothing more than publish a placeholder post to stay updated, but I’ve pretty much written on something every single week.

Over the past 2 years, a lot has changed in my blog writing. I changed my naming scheme to use the date and a brief title, as opposed to “Words on Wednesday, [date].” Started using Google Drive to actually compose and store posts. WordPress handles my publishing. I figured out all of this in my first year of blogging, as I found my rhythm.

This second year has been a little less eventful. My YouTube channel has gotten a little more interesting, since I share a lot of my PS4 gaming and my GoPro videos. Usually, I’ll try to make note of new videos occasionally here, as almost a sort of parallel. I now try to keep posts down to a single topic per post, to clean things up and make sure any given post is easier to find. Also, this gives me the added benefit of stretching out my list of topics a little longer in case I have trouble coming up with new material.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I’m still on WordPress, though I haven’t yet abandoned the idea of moving to Blogger. I still haven’t started writing Soundoff Sunday posts, even though I’ve got a few ideas in my backlog. No audio podcast in the works yet, but that’s still something I’m considering doing when I get the time.

Lately, it’s just been overall much harder to keep pace. I have significantly less time to write, so it’s often a struggle to even manage to get out an article a week. Any posts that haven’t been published at 8am are because Wednesday arrived and I still didn’t have a post ready. I really enjoy writing, I just don’t always have time to pursue that hobby.

As always, I do plan to continue blogging into the future. It keeps my writing skills fresh, it gives me an outlet for ideas and concepts I want to throw on paper, and it’s something I genuinely enjoy doing. If I throw out a few posts after 5pm here and there, at least I’m still hitting my weekly mark.

To my readers, thank you for your time. To my fellow bloggers, keep it up. Here’s to another year of Words On Wednesday.


Words: 462 | Characters: 2435 | Sentences: 28

Paragraphs: 8 | Reading Level: 9-10th Grade


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