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2016-06-01 Doom 2016 Soundtrack

The new Doom game has launched, and the soundtrack is absolutely exquisite.

I’m a big fan of Doom. I played some of the original Doom, and I played Doom 3 a ton. Never quite beat it on Nightmare mode, but I did try twice. It’s a fun series, with some good music in every installment.

I’ve followed development on Doom (2016), or Doom 4 if you will, pretty much since Doom 3 was released. Through a number of setbacks and delays, I was pretty much convinced that Doom as a series was dead. id Software has been treading a thin line for the past few years, so their demise wouldn’t come as a total surprise to me. Bethesda Softworks has bigger fish to fry, with The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and all their other intellectual property.

When production on Doom was ramped up again in 2014, I was ecstatic. Even if id has had some trouble staying afloat lately, they’ve traditionally made some amazing games. Furthermore, basically anything Bethesda touches is pure gold. I was absolutely certain that Doom would turn out to be fantastic.

Perhaps one of my most trivial concerns was the soundtrack. When I think Doom, what I want is an arsenal of big weapons and tons of demons to unload on. Not that previous soundtracks in the series have been bad, or even uninspiring, but I would not call them important. They aren’t necessarily key to the core of Doom.

DOOM: Behind The Music Part 1

My opinion changed once I saw the “Behind The Music” video. The music of Doom is a huge component in establishing the mood of Doom. As Mick Gordon explains, “Doom is here, it’s claustrophobic, it’s aggressive, it’s brutal, it’s tactile, it drills into your face.” Doom is undeniably intense, and the music has to reflect that urgency. I feel like Gordon did a stellar job of incorporating that into the score of the game.

Hearing demo clips of the music from the video above, as well as game file rips posted in other YouTube videos, I was blown away. The music is heavy, it’s excited, and it’s driving. Of the tracks I’ve heard, they all fit the Doom theme.

I want this music to just listen to. It fits in the game perfectly, sure, but I want to rock out to this when I’m working, when I’m in the car, when I’m washing dishes. This music is great, why can I not get to it without relying on game rips posted to YouTube? Monetize it, release it on disc for purchase, or at least make it available to the fans who want to hear more of it.

Honestly, I’m surprised the score wasn’t released in either disc form or digital download, either as a standalone purchase, or included with some sort of special edition of the game. I frequently mention that my ideal special edition release for games includes the soundtrack or score. I’m a music junkie anyway, but I really think a lot of people enjoy experiencing the music of games even when not playing. Not only does it have a nostalgia factor associated with playing the game, but most video game music is great in and of itself.

I’m hoping that id/Bethesda recognizes the demand for the soundtrack and releases it on disc or download. I would gladly pay for this music, shut up and take my money. If nothing else, I may just have to hit up a friend with the PC version of the game to rip the game files to a flash drive for me. Come on, id. Hear me out, Bethesda. Let me get this awesome soundtrack to listen to whenever and wherever.


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