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2016-03-16 The Origin of “MystJake”

My alias or username for most online platforms is some variation of “MystJake.” For the countless people who have asked me where it came from, this is the story.

Mortal Kombat

Back sometime around 2002, my cousin picked up Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. He had the policy that anyone who made a profile had to use a name incorporating some sort of martial art. Unfortunately, another Jake was already playing by the name of “Jakendo.”

We thought and thought, but there really weren’t any other martial arts that I could infuse with my name for a decent alias. He came up with “Myst,” as something I could use. For the longest time, I hated it. It didn’t have anything to do with my real name, nor was it related to any sort of martial art. I used it, but I didn’t like using it.

Online Profiles

Fast forward a few years to the point when I began playing around on the internet. Neopets, RuneScape, and any other sites I used needed a username of some sort. “Jake” was obviously taken, and I didn’t really want to use my real name despite the availability of “Hennett.” The only other thing that came to mind was “Myst” that I had used on MK. Though it was either already taken or not long enough by itself, “MystJake” was frequently available and usually met the minimum character requirements. Plus, it mostly maintained my anonymity, only using my first name.

What started because of my inability to come up with another original name eventually became the status quo for basically every single online profile I have. Occasionally, I would include a space or underscore between the words, or replace letters with numbers where necessary. Only after I’d gotten knee deep in “MystJake” accounts did I realize there was an old PC game by the name of “Myst.” A solid quarter of all questions I get about my username is, “Have you ever played Myst?” No, I have not, it’s just a tremendously unfortunate coincidence. Not unfortunate in that I mind explaining, but rather that so many people immediately jump to Myst the game as the source of my name.

Eventually, I should probably at least experience Myst. Even if it’s years old, it would nice to be able to say, “That isn’t where my name came from, but I have played it.” Until then, no, I have not played Myst and it has nothing to do with my username.

Mr. Pickler

Unrelated to MystJake, I have heard quite a few people ask where a friend’s “Mr. Pickler” came from. Another cousin would frequently give the name “Jerry Pickleberry,” to get free samples of stuff like Tempur-Pedic mattress squares and vials of holy water. We got a lot of shipments addressed to Jerry Pickleberry, and I still wonder what our mail deliverer thought of it.

When said friend heard this, he decided to steal it as a username. Unfortunately, “Jerry Pickleberry,” is a whole lot longer than the maximum character limit of a lot of usernames. Instead, he decided to use “Mr. Pickleberry,” to shorten it a bit. Still, this was too long for the likes of RuneScape. Fortunately, “MrPickler” is short enough, and maintains enough of the original essence to still be funny.

Mr. Pickler originated sometime around Easter 2006. Soon afterward, musician Kellie Pickler began to grow in popularity. A decently attractive lady, most people began to assume that Mr. Pickler was simply a clever way of insinuating marriage to the country music star. Not a bad story, but nowhere near as funny as Jerry Pickleberry and his subscription to holy water samples.


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