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2016-02-03 Urban Star Jeans

While I’m far from a fashion expert, I’ve found some jeans that absolutely require a review: Urban Star Relaxed Fit.

I’m very picky on clothes; not that I try to be as fashionable as possible, but rather that I have a very specific build and thus require very specific fits of clothing. The current trend with jeans seems to be an absurdly tight fit through the thigh and groin, with a loose and low-fitting waist. None of these facets work well for me, and Lucky Brand seems to be one of the few lines that actually fits me well. They fit a little snug for the size, but the 2 or 3% spandex gives some stretch so it works out.

My gripe with Lucky Brand jeans is twofold: one, they are far more expensive than I like to pay for something I can’t wear to work, and two, they seem to wear out ridiculously quickly. Costco will occasionally stock the 361 Vintage Straight Lucky jeans for around $30, which is way cheaper than what they go for in Lucky stores and online. That eliminates the first problem, but the second remains. I’ll go through a pair of Lucky jeans with average wear in probably 2 years or less. Hence, I need to be able to pick up replacement jeans with semi-regular frequency.

Lucky recently had a huge sale on many of their jeans, so I looked through the online catalog to see if anything fit my size and budget. Most of the jeans on sale for around my $30 price point were either a slim fit in my size, or a regular fit with no 38×34 to speak of. Anything with a regular fit available in 38×34 was still $50+, even after the discount. Regretfully, I was not able to take advantage of the sale.

Having worn almost completely through the Lucky Brand jeans that I already owned, and without many other pairs available that still fit, I was beginning to worry about how to obtain more jeans that fit me. Rue21 jeans used to fit me great, but they changed their sizing a few years back and everything there is way more tight fitting now. I get my khakis from Old Navy, and they fit great, but even their loosest fitting jeans are way tighter than khakis of the same size. I was running out of options and didn’t know what else to try.

A few weeks ago, I was in Costco to pick up a few groceries and decided to glance through the clothing area to see if they had picked up any more Lucky Brand jeans. As I expected, I didn’t find a shred of denim with that clover emblem. Out of desperation, I started looking over the other jean brands they stocked. Levi is a no go, I’ve worn them before and they don’t fit right, in addition to having a texture somewhat akin to burlap. Calvin Klein also have a fit far more slim than what I want in jeans.

Costco is my go-to place for… well, a lot of things. Most of their products, both the Kirkland Signature brand produced by Costco and outside brands that they stock, are of fantastic quality and quite reasonable price. Sure, I’ve encountered a few duds here and there, but almost everything I’ve ever purchased from Costco has met or exceeded my expectations. Hence, I’m typically very willing to try products from Costco, even when I’ve had no previous experience with a brand.

I came across a pile of Urban Star jeans, and I had to remind myself of how generally fantastic Costco products are. I’ve seen them before and dismissed them every time as not even worth trying. They were the only denim brand available at Costco that I hadn’t tried. At $15 a pair, I figured what’s the harm in trying them out? Costco’s return policy is fantastic, and I can just bring them back if they don’t fit. I searched through the pile until I came across a pair of 38×34 jeans (apparently a very rare size) and threw them in the buggy.

When we got home, I decided to go ahead and try on the jeans to see if they were decent enough to keep, or if I should put them back in the car to return when we got a chance. I braced myself for a number of things: a fit too tight to get above my thighs, scratchy material that I couldn’t stand having against my skin, or anything else that would make the jeans a complete waste. What I encountered was far better than my expectations.


Urban Star Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans are possibly the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn.

The fit is loose, ACTUALLY loose, unlike what the vast majority of “loose” or “relaxed fit” jeans are today. Plenty of room through the thigh and groin, and even down through the leg without being unnecessarily baggy. Sizing runs probably half a size larger than a true 38×34, easily a full size larger than most modern jeans.

Surprisingly, the material feels very premium. Tremendously smooth, and probably a medium weight denim, these jeans are neither paper thin nor very heavy. The 2% spandex mixed into the cotton gives a stretch, as well as dulls the harshness of a raw cotton. Extremely comfortable, easily wearable all day.

The appearance, despite not having a “modern” fit, is still top notch. I like the dark blue shade, and the colors still haven’t faded any after several times through the wash. Several reviews on the Costco web site mentioned that the jeans tend to bleed onto clothes and skin, but I haven’t noticed that effect. Something to be aware of, though, if you plan on wearing these on top of white or light-colored shoes.

As for price, you really can’t beat $15 a pair. I would be willing to pay double that for jeans of this quality, and I’d settle for far less at that price point. How Urban Star manages to make such a fantastic product for so little, I haven’t a clue, but they have become my go-to brand for denim.

The jeans are sold out online, but my local Costco still had several in store last I checked. If you have a Costco membership or know someone who does, check out Urban Star for some amazing jeans at a steal of a price. Even if the warehouse sells out, they typically rotate more stock in once or twice a year. Keep an eye out around season changes.


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