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2015-12-30 New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

As the end of 2015 rolls around, people will inevitable make new year’s resolutions, and inevitably break those resolutions.

Why do we always delude ourselves into thinking the arbitrary end of the year will give us any sort of extra determination to accomplish goals? The only thing that changes is the fact that we’re writing 2016 rather than 2015, and I won’t even get that right until about mid-February. As much as it is a romantic notion to see a new year as a new beginning, all it means is that the earth made it around the sun one more time. Very little actually changes, all things considered.

Don’t let my pessimism dissuade you from pledging to make changes. Some people may have the willpower to stick with new year’s resolutions. However, I personally don’t see the merit in waiting for the end of the calendar year to make changes in your life. If you want to lose weight and get fit, what I assume to be THE most common new year’s resolution, do it today. Actually, don’t do it today since most people eat huge meals for Christmas and New Year’s day, but don’t assume you have to wait until 2016 for it to count.

Furthermore, don’t let a single setback force you to abandon the resolution entirely. You’re going to mess up, and that’s ok. Even the most fit individuals have cheat meals, so don’t think you’ve destroyed any chance at being healthy when you splurge. If you’ve decided to stop drinking alcohol or smoking, realize that cold turkey is probably one of the hardest ways to quit. If you relapse some, that’s par for the course. Jump back on it and try again. Whether it’s January 2nd or the middle of July, don’t give up on your goals.

For my own resolutions, I want to make changes to improve my health. My blood pressure runs a little high and I have a vitamin D3 deficiency. Therefore, I want to remember to take my vitamin supplement everyday, and try to decrease my sodium intake. I didn’t wait until the new year to start these trends, I began immediately after my last physical. I’ve already had several days that I forgot to take my supplement, and I still have a lot of work to do on decreasing my sodium intake, but I’m trying. It’s a gradual process.

No matter what your resolutions, or even if you choose not to make any, remember to enjoy the journey. Chances are, come 2017 you probably won’t even remember the resolutions you made for 2016. Be good to others, try to improve yourself in some way, and live a little. Step outside your comfort zone every now and then. Make the most of life, and of 2016.


Words: 464 | Characters: 2538 | Sentences: 28

Paragraphs: 7 | Reading Level: 11-12th Grade


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