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2015-12-09 Photography Business Cards

My wife and I have been doing photography as almost like a side project for several months now, but it has recently grown into something more serious and I don’t know how to grapple with that.

What alerted me to the fact that this is no longer just a hobby was being asked for my business card at a recent wedding I was shooting. I do not have business cards. I’ve got a contract/info sheet that I send to clients after they decide to hire us and a Google Drive folder with our portfolio, but that’s about it. Our only advertising is word of mouth, and promoting our own services to friends or family who need photography.

We had previously discussed getting business cards, but the idea quickly fizzled out. We don’t even have an actual business name yet, let alone official cards. Until now, we’ve operated under the tentative title of “Jake & Kati Photography,” but that doesn’t necessarily have much of a ring to it. Even if we did have a solid name, bookings were few and far between so there was really no need to get serious about it.

With the drive and reason to actually put together a business presence, we really have to buckle down and take control of our advertising. The first step, obviously, is making business cards to bring with us on shoots. Luckily, the lady who requested my card was perfectly fine with me emailing her our information in case she wants to book us later, but that isn’t going to be the case with everyone. Writing my phone number down on a napkin is far from professional. We need to be able to say, “Yes, here is our card, we’d love to do business with you.”

Another pressing issue is making sure people can access our information online. Social media business profiles are a common way to advertise services, so we should really see about making those across multiple platforms. Contact information, samples of our best work, customer reviews, and all that jazz would really help us make a good name for ourselves.

For anyone who does run their own business, including business profiles on social media and printing business cards, do you have any specific tips on the matter? I understand that building an image for yourself takes time and effort, which we’re willing to put in, but it would be tremendously disheartening to invest a lot into building a photography business, only to find later that something could’ve been done far more easily or efficiently some other way.

Below are links to what we have so far:

Policies and Contract



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