Words On Wednesday

2015-08-12 Fallout Shelter

Sitting in line at Cookout, I’m knocking this one out on my phone.

For anyone out of touch with video games, Bethesda Softworks is releasing Fallout Shelter on Android tomorrow. The spinoff from the increasingly popular Fallout series has been out on iOS for a month or so now, and the immense popularity has convinced Bethesda to port it to Android (or so I assume, though it may have already been in the works).

Normally, I’d be completely uninterested in this release. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Fallout. I’ve played both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, both are fantastic games. But Fallout 4 is going to be exclusive to PC and current gen game consoles. I’m not getting a PS4 for quite a while, and my PC doesn’t even have a mouse or keyboard hooked up it currently. Not only that, but mobile games in general are uninteresting to me.

I think what’s different about Fallout Shelter is the buzz around it and the fact that I’m catching a game early in its life cycle. I haven’t caught a game near release since… I think the midnight release of BioShock Infinite was the last game I got within 2 years of being released. Plus, this is from a huge developer of top notch console games. Even if it is on mobile, Bethesda has a track record that is astonishing.

Perhaps I’m putting more thought into the matter than I should be. However, I’m honestly pretty excited about the game. It’s scheduled to be released tomorrow, but I don’t more exactly what time frame to expect. I may be checking the play store religiously, but I’m determined to give the game a try as soon as I can.


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