Words On Wednesday

2015-08-05 Paternity Leave Pt. 3

I’ve really, really gotten slack about this whole blog thing. Honestly, it’s tragic. The issue is that I’ve burned myself out on writing with my freelance work, and most of my free time is chewed up with taking care of a new baby.

I hate to let the blog lapse for a while. I’d like to always be able to say I’ve published a post every Wednesday since I first started. When they consists of short little quips like this, though, do they even really count?

This is an oddly concerning matter for me. Most people would consider it trivial, I feel, but it’s a huge deal in my eyes. I really enjoy blogging, but it’s just so time consuming when I have more important stuff that needs to be done.

For anyone who’s also dealt with problems like this, how do you handle it? Should I drop the blog for a few weeks until I can put together solid material, or continue checking in with small posts like this? I can see the merit in either, but I don’t know what’s best for me.


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