Words On Wednesday

2015-07-08 Bud Light Mixx Tail

Budweiser has made something I can actually drink? What is this madness?

A few weeks ago (months ago at the point of publishing this post), I was at Buffalo Wild Wings with my wife and saw an advertisement for Bud Light Mixx Tail, a collection of cocktail-based beverages from Budweiser. Normally, I dismiss anything from Budweiser as a cheap, watered down beverage unworthy of my discerning palate. This, however, had me intrigued. Supposedly, the makers of Bud Light were able to recreate the flavors of the Firewalker, Hurricane, and Long Island Iced Tea within a bottle or can.

I did some research and the opinions I read online were mostly positive. For a while, I contemplated if I should bother trying them myself. Anything I’ve tried from Budweiser has been hardly worth imbibing. Some people like it, but I just can’t do it. If I did pick up a pack and hate it, I wouldn’t want to have wasted my money and have to give it away to someone who might not like it much or any better than myself.

Finally, I broke down and decided to pick up a pack of the Long Island Mixx Tail just to see if it was worth the fuss. I’m a big fan of Long Island iced tea, so maybe Bud could avoid screwing it up too bad. Grabbing an 8-pack from Walmart, I stuck one in the freezer to get it nice and cold before taking the plunge.

Opening a bottle, I took a whiff of it. Past experience has taught me that smelling beverages isn’t always the best idea, but I figured I may as well get a teaser. Honestly, the smell isn’t bad. There’s the undeniable yeasty smell of beer, but it isn’t overwhelming. In addition to the expected smell of beer, I caught quite an intricate smell that definitely reminded me of a Long Island.

The first sip was… surprising. It was undeniably similar to a Long Island. Not close enough that I would possibly mistake it for the real deal, but certainly accurate enough that I get what they’re going for. Possibly even enough to replace a Long Island in a pinch, were I trying to keep it cheap or want one at home without all the fuss of making it myself.

What I find most impressive is that something so good can be made by Budweiser. Call me a beer snob, I don’t care. It’s a welcome surprise, one that I’m hoping the company keeps around and expands on in the future. I’d love to see a full line of the most popular cocktails available bottled form.


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