Words On Wednesday

2015-03-25 Ratchets and Rock Climbing

Compared to last week’s book of an article, this week is pretty short.

Ratchet and Clank Side Scrolling Game

I’m a huge fan of the Ratchet series, and I was pondering an idea for a new installment.

I love Ratchet and Clank games: the gameplay, the characters, the lore, the worlds… all of it. One of my top favorite video game series, and definitely my favorite PlayStation exclusive. When considering possibilities for the series, I thought about how it might port well as a side scrolling shooter in the vein of Contra and Metal Slug. For those familiar with the series, imagine the Quark mini games from Up Your Arsenal, but with far more depth and playing as Ratchet instead.

So many of the worlds in the Ratchet series are vivid and unique, and I genuinely feel they could port well into two dimensions. The background could be a still image or simple animation, with the foreground consisting mainly of basic platforms. A variety of weapons from previous Ratchet installments would be available, likely chosen from a poll of some sort. These weapons could be unlocked gradually when playing the game, and would ideally be upgraded with use.

The game would likely be on a portable platform, either the PS Vita or phones. In general, the goal would be to get through a level and beat the boss at the end. To accommodate for arena gameplay that many Ratchet games have, there could be certain levels in which there is no forward movement; enemies just spill on screen until certain criteria are met. If on mobile, the business model could offer a limited selection of levels or weapons for free, with expansions packs being sold individually.

Pool + Rock Wall

I love rock climbing walls and I love swimming. Why not combine the two?

While longing desperately to go swimming (the one good thing about summer), I pondered how awesome it would be to have a rock wall connected to a pool. Rock climbing walls are fun, but I’m sure they’re expensive to purchase and maintain, and you probably have to be properly trained to work the harness system. Besides, I don’t want to risk harnessing myself incorrectly and end up falling to my death.

The system wouldn’t have to be fancy. All I would want is a raised wall on one side of the pool with a few grip points on it. A friend mentioned that it would be fun to have the pool water slowly rise or the wall slowly sink to see how quickly you can climb, but I’m sure that would be expensive and mechanically difficult to manage. It would be nice to have some way to remove the wall when not in use, but I can’t imagine that it would be terribly in the way regardless.

With my lack of knowledge on climbing walls or pool maintenance, I’m sure there are intricacies and nuances that I have absolutely no idea about. The entire plan could be completely impossible, I don’t know. But as someone who enjoys swimming and climbing rock walls, I think it would be a perfect combination in theory.


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