Words On Wednesday

2015-03-11 Far Cry 3 Platinum

After a few weeks of playing, I’ve finally obtained all Far Cry 3 trophies.

Overall, most of the trophies were very easy to obtain. A few of them took some specific planning, but nothing that just drove me nuts. There are several story-related trophies that you get by just beating the game. No difficulty trophies, so you only have to beat it once. As far as I could tell, no missable trophies (partly due to a patch they added where you can have outposts repopulated. More on that later).

Collectibles in FC3 are handled well. Having to find only half of the relics was a life saver, since there are 120 of them and many are in obscure locations. Getting all the Japanese letters and drug recipes wasn’t bad, considering there are only about 20 of those and most of them are placed in plain sight.

Playing through the game normally, I got all the story and collectible trophies. What I had left were a few specific action trophies and some weapon trophies. In order to make sure players can’t miss this, the developer added a patch where outposts can be reset and taken again. This allows players to bring in plenty of new enemies to off again. Upon finishing the final story mission, I reset the outposts to get started on the remaining trophies. Since I pretty much only used my sniper rifle and SMG for most of the game, my other weapons just collected dust. I equipped the weapons I had to use for trophies and went ham on the outposts. At this point, I didn’t care about stealth or experience. I was max level and fully decked out with gear. All the while, I threw rocks all around the outposts. One of the trophies entails fully distracting 25 enemies with rocks. I used rocks in the intro and never again, so that took quite a while to obtain.

All in all, I had a lot of fun beating the game. It has a good story, the controls are tight, there are tons of weapon, and I like the leveling/upgrade system. Far Cry 3 stands head and shoulders above its prequel, and I look forward to playing FC4 when I upgrade to a PS4.

Aside: What I really wanted to post today isn’t yet finished. It’s a subject that I’d like to do justice, and it simply isn’t ready to be published. Look forward to a long read next week, hopefully with plenty of accompanying pictures.


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