Words On Wednesday

Words on Wednesday, December 24, 2014

As Christmas eve has arrived, I hope everyone has finished their Christmas shopping and sits cozy at home this evening.


Broken Nexus 4

I accidentally broke my Nexus 4, so now I have to buy a new phone.


On Monday, I had to run some errands over my lunch break. While I was out and about, I had my phone sitting on my lap for GPS navigation. During a hard left turn, the phone began sliding off my leg. In attempts to save the phone from certain peril between my seat and the center console of my car, I quickly grabbed it before it could slide completely off. Of all the ways my hand might land on the phone, it landed in such a way that my wedding ring caught the slight bit of exposed screen between my screen protector and the edge of the phone. The tungsten carbide band crashed into the glass screen with such force that fractures shot out across the entire screen. I instantly had a sinking feeling in my stomach.


When I was safely out of the way of traffic, I inspected the damage. Immediately, I noticed that touch input only worked on a very small portion of the screen near the top. Nothing in the bottom half of the screen worked, so I had absolutely no way of entering my lock pattern. Immediately, I began pondering what options I had between buying a new phone and repairing my Nexus 4. My wife and I usually carpool, so we both need some means of communication just in case something goes awry.


Upon arriving at work, I looked up directions and tools for replacing the screen myself. That idea was quickly dismissed, as I have minimal experience in electronics repairs and I wouldn’t want to waste time on money on what may ultimately be a failure. I could pay someone to fix it, but I don’t know of anyone reliable right off and it may cost more to have repaired than the phone is worth. My only remaining option would be to buy another phone.


I posted my predicament to facebook and requested old devices that anyone may be willing to let me borrow or buy for cheap. In the meantime, I began looking at my long-term options. Being such an Android fanboy, I follow device releases closely enough to have a pretty good idea of what’s available. I’m rather tight for money right now, so I couldn’t drop a ton on something top of the line. The Moto E and Moto G are both budget options that seem far better than the majority of devices in their price range. The Nexus 5 and OnePlus One are both a little more expensive, but far more powerful. My situation, however, requires a phone soon and neither of those devices are openly available for purchase at the time of writing this. If I were willing and able to drop more cash and deal with a larger screen, I could go with the Nexus 6.


Having mulled over my options for nearly two days, I finally decided on purchasing the 2014 edition Moto G this morning. As for now, money saved is more important that getting a more powerful device. The 5” screen is exactly the size I’m shooting for, and the specs of the phone are enough for my needs. For $213, I got the US GSM 2014 Moto G, a case, a 32 GB Micro SD card, and a pack of 5 screen protectors. That sort of value is hard to beat.

Though my tune my change after I receive the phone and get everything up and running, I think I made the right call. I have to prioritize where my money is spent, and I just can’t justify paying $400 or more for a phone right now. As long as the phone is running near stock software and isn’t painfully slow, I should be ok.


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