Words On Wednesday

Words on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First, I must wish a happy dating anniversary to my wife. It was 5 years ago today that we first started dating, and it has been the best 5 years of my life. On to matters of lesser importance…

RIP Nexus 5

Google has finally stopped production of the Nexus 5.


The news saddens me somewhat. I still use the Nexus 4 from 2012, and I have no complaints about it, but I did keep an eye on the Nexus 5 for Play Store discounts. When Google dropped the price of the N4 by $100 to clear out inventory, the phone became even more of a steal than it already was. I was hoping that the same practice would happen again for the N5. Alas, it seems that the price was firm and the device is no longer available.


I’m not particularly fond of the screen size or the price of the Nexus 6. The largest screen size I can comfortably use is roughly 5.5” and even that is a stretch. With price, I don’t want to pay anything over $400. I am perfectly content with mid-range specs for a mid-range price; the Nexus 6 is neither.


Considering my current financial situation, I’m not exactly looking for a new phone immediately. Unless my N4 suddenly dies on me, I’ll use it for the foreseeable future. However, I do like to be aware of the different phones currently available just to have an idea of what I would want. The N5, having stock Android, a nice screen size, and a modest price, is (or rather was) perfect for me. The OnePlus One is also on my radar, but the company seems to be somewhat fishy and unreliable. I don’t want to jump on the device and regret it later.


Perhaps Google will heed the desires of the common (small-handed) folk and create a refreshed Nexus 5. Another version with the same screen size and form factor, but with updated specs would be awesome. Maybe bump up the battery size to sweeten the package. Of any opinions I’ve heard on the Nexus 5, the main criticism I’ve heard is that the battery life is abysmal. Other than that, most users seem to love the phone. I won’t get my hopes up, but I do plan on keeping an ear to the ground for any rumors about a new 5” Nexus.


Buying a House

I bought a house. That’s sort of a big deal to me.


It’s a nice little place in a small development, just before a cul de sac. I’ve only met 1 of the neighbors yet, but he seems like a cool guy. The plot and house aren’t huge, but I really like them.


We’ve started painting 2 rooms that were covered in dark, oppressive colors previously. The master bedroom is a weird orange color that will eventually be painted as well. We signed on Monday, and all of the utilities were on by that evening. Once all the painting is done, we’ll work on moving furniture and boxes of stuff from our apartment. The couch and entertainment center are getting trashed, so we’ll be upgrading those. We’ll also be picking up some bookshelves for all the movies and books we haven’t yet consolidated, as well as a washing machine and dryer to actually do our own laundry.


The entire experience is still surreal. The gravity of paying such a large sum for a structure that belongs to me hasn’t yet hit home. My entire life, I’ve either lived somewhere owned by a family member or rented; this house is now mine. Within the limits of my HOA, I can do with it what I want.

I’m sure there will be quite a bit of adjustment from renting to buying. So many things I’ve never had to deal with that I’ll just have to figure out on the fly. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the decision, though. I genuinely feel that this is what’s best for my family and I.


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