Words On Wednesday

Words on Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gaming and a small celebration of freelance work this week.

Two More Platinum Trophies

After quite a few hours of gaming, I added 2 platinum trophies to my PSN profile this weekend.


The first platinum trophy came from Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus. I posted a few weeks ago about how I was close to finishing the game, but the final grind took far longer than expected. The story of the game is extremely short, but the weapon lineup is about average for the Ratchet and Clank series. Therefore, I spent quite a bit of time getting all the weapons upgraded on the same arena challenges.


As much as the grind at the end was longer than previous Ratchet and Clank games, I would not say that it was extremely detrimental to my opinion of the game as a whole. If the game were just a little longer, I think it would’ve been perfect. The balance of action to puzzle solving was spot on, and I feel like the story and environments were new and vivid. Perhaps Insomniac will look at Into the Nexus as inspiration for the next sequel (or possibly the PS4 reboot) and just add some length.


Final Fantasy X was the next platinum obtained over the weekend and it was far more frustrating of a trophy. I spent several hours grinding for sphere levels and then spending those levels on the sphere grid. Rinse and repeat for 6 characters.


The process was most time consuming for the first character, since I had to make sure that all the blank nodes were populated with something. Once I knew that the grid was properly set up, I knew that it wouldn’t be quite as difficult for any subsequent characters. The problem is that doing this process for 5 more characters was very repetitive and tedious. Knowing that every sphere activated was one less between myself and the platinum trophy was comforting, but there are a ton of spheres on the grid.


Overall, FFX is a great game. It was one of my first JRPG games and remains in my top 10 games of all time even today (don’t ask for the other 9, I don’t actually have a solid list made). The first 75% or more of the game was great. That last quarter of grinding and polishing off annoying trophies was just a headache, though. I did enjoy playing through the game, but I don’t want to see it again for a good while. I will eventually start on FFX-2, but I need a break from Final Fantasy for now.


Originally, I wanted to get both platinum trophies in a single day. I’ve had my PS3 since Christmas of 2009 and I only have 21 platinum trophies so far. At an average of roughly 4 per year, getting 2 in one day would be an impressive feat. I got the Ratchet platinum fairly early Saturday morning, so I thought I might have a chance. I played FFX most of the day and I possibly could have reached platinum on the same day, but the tedium got to me. I took a break and finished the grind off Monday.


When I finished Final Fantasy, I started back on Kingdom Hearts. The last time I played, I left off halfway through my hard mode run. My goal is to finish hard mode and start on a run through easy mode with no equipment changes. I’ll beat the game for the no equipment trophy and start working through the other miscellaneous trophies. When my game time gets close to 100 hours, I’ll beat the game again and hopefully get the speedster trophy for beating the game in under 15 hours (unless Square patched the trophy, at which point I will begrudgingly play through easy mode again). Hopefully, the endgame won’t be as much of a grind as FFX was.

Published Writing

After looking for freelance work through oDesk, I’ve finally had an article posted online.


I found work with a guy who works on a web site for smartphone news, specs, and rumors. The site updates every Tuesday and Thursday, so I am required to write 2 articles each week. As of Tuesday, my first article has been posted on the site. The article is currently attributed to another author, so it may be some sort of ghost writing situation where I am the only one who knows of my contribution to the site. Even still, I take pride in having my work published somewhere outside my blog.


Update: This is not a ghost writing job, the owner of the site just hadn’t yet removed the old author’s info. I gave him my information and bio, and he should be updating the site soon. This job will go on for 5 weeks / 10 articles, and will be renewed if the owner approves of my work. Hopefully I’ll keep this up for a while and build a decent reputation for tech writing outside my blog.


The site:



My first article:



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