Words On Wednesday

Words on Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A little on my current situation with video games.


Video Game Commitment

Normally I’m good about finishing video games completely, but lately I’ve had some difficulty with it.


Currently, I’m playing Borderlands 2 with my wife and Final Fantasy X HD Remaster on my own. Borderlands is nowhere near complete, but that’s less about 100% completion and more a local co-op game we can play together. FFX is nearly finished, I’m just trying to polish off the last few trophies so I can call it done.


Two games, that’s perfectly acceptable to have going at any given time. The problem is the rest of the games that are partially completed that I only bring back into the rotation occasionally. Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus is even closer to completion than FFX is, so I should really get back to it for a few more hours. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is simply embarrassing because I’ve started it twice and still never finished it. I usually love the Zelda games, but the controls for Skyward Sword are unwieldy and the game just isn’t as entertaining as others in the series. I’m slowly working toward a full Pokedex on Pokemon Y, but I’ve accepted that will never happen.


The list goes on, with games I’m gradually less likely to finish. I started Doom 3 BFG Edition, but I haven’t played it recently and I know I’ll never get the platinum trophy for it because it requires online multiplayer. I wanted to finish Far Cry 2 before I started Far Cry 3, but it’s collecting dust by now and I’ve already worked on the co-op for Far Cry 3. Oh, and Kingdom Hearts! I got the Final Mix collection of Kingdom Hearts and beat the game once on normal. I got maybe halfway through on hard mode, and I don’t even want to think about playing through in under 10 hours without changing equipment.


In case it isn’t obvious, yes, I am a bit of a platinum trophy whore. If I start a game and it seems feasibly possible to finish, I’m going to play it through to the end. I feel that my actions are justified because I want the most bang for my buck from a game and stopping before I completely finish it deprives me of some value. Some trophies are just ridiculously difficult on their own, and games with multiplayer trophies pretty much lose my interest in platinum immediately. Anything else, however, I try my best to complete.


Originally, I wanted to finish all of my PS3 games before I upgrade to a PS4. Once I get a new console, the likelihood of me playing games on an older console are dismal. Some games like Destiny and basically anything released for the next year or so will be cross platform; while I could play them on PS3, I’ll likely just wait and pick them up on PS4. Plus, I can grab them used and pay far less for them. I have an absurdly large backlog of games, however. The chances of me beating ALL of them in the near future are low. I could abandon my firm belief in playing games to platinum, but I still might not finish them all before the PS5 comes out (assuming they stick with the same naming conventions). Maybe I will prioritize what I really want to finish and just grab a PS4 once I get through the most important games. If anyone is interested in the magnitude of my game backlog, below is a link to a spreadsheet of my games. It doesn’t quite include all of my games and the “completed” column is pretty much useless, but it’s good for a general idea.




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