Words On Wednesday

Words on Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No time like the present to pick up blogging.


I like writing, but (as with any hobby) you get stale without practice. I haven’t written regularly for just over a year now, having finished my bachelor’s degree last May. The effects aren’t extreme, but I can very clearly tell that the words just don’t flow quite as freely as they used to. My muse is rusty and my grammar isn’t quite as eloquent as it once was. It’s high time I remedy that, and a blog seems to be perhaps the best way to do it.


Most blogs have some sort of theme; this one will eventually. I have numerous hobbies and interests, but I’m not sure which I know well enough to write regularly about. As the title of this post indicates, I would like to write weekly (on Wednesday, if that wasn’t obvious). To write weekly, I need some new source material at least once a week to write about. I play video games, but I certainly can’t knock out a game a week to write some sort of commentary on. I’m a huge advocate of Android and I try to give iOS proper respect, but neither of those have news regularly enough to be the sole focus of a blog. I’m a father and husband, but I’m certainly not perfect in either of those roles and I highly doubt anyone would care to read about my struggles or unproven advice. I’m a developer by day, but there’s only so much I can say about programming in assembly language.


I could perhaps write about a collection of numerous topics, simply hitting the highlights of each and ignoring topics if the week has been dry of new material. Responding to feedback is probably the best way to get new readers and maintain old ones, so I certainly would respond to comments and such as much as possible. I want to write for myself, but I also want to write what my audience enjoys. I depend on readers to tell me what they want to see.


As for platform, Google+ is probably my best option currently. I’ve been active on here previously and made some connections. I’m familiar with the interface and I’m a massive Google fanboy at heart. If another platform were to fit my needs better, I could migrate in the future. But as for now, I don’t see any downsides to Google+. And of course, to bring in other sources, I can throw out a link to my Facebook friends, my Twitter followers (if there are any left), or any other social network I’m active on.


I’m certainly new to this. I understand writing as a practice, but blogging is a different beast from what I’m accustomed to. Feel free to make any comment on it. If you think my writing is garbage and I should hang this up before it gets started properly, I respect your opinion. If you have some criticism to offer, whether constructive or not, feel free to post it in the comments below. Hopefully I will at least entertain some, and brush up on my grammar and research skills.

Note: Seems like the WordsOnWednesday hashtag is already a thing. Maybe I won’t be stealing the thunder from someone else by using it?


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